The most important aspect of our business is relationships.  Our goal is to create a relationship where we are the first and only call you need to make when considering outside help for your hiring needs.  We want an opportunity to be able to provide an important solution to your hiring needs where we are not just a transactional service but rather a trusted partner in your HR hiring needs.   By being attentive to your needs beyond just producing resumes to you, we can provide support for real time market analysis from candidates, windows into what your competitors are doing, provide insights into new technology and methods to be able to retain and bring in the best of the industry.   We all know that time is money, the less time you have to spend on ‘hiring’ the more time you can spend on running your organization.   For our best clients we are not looked on as a ‘tool’ but rather a ‘partner’ in business solutions.

In order to provide the best solution for your hiring needs, we have 3 contract options for you to consider:

  • Contingency basis:   We the recruiters, only get paid if/when you decided to hire a candidate we present to you.   For you the client, you have zero cost to be able to see the quality/quantity of candidates we can present to you.    We will charge you a % of the first year salary.    Percentages are negotiable based on each individual situation.
  • Engagement Fee:  You the client, pay us a ‘negotiated’ small upfront fee (non-refundable) which will put your needs at the top of our lists, you will gain access to our candidates first before any other clients will have access to their credentials.   Upon hiring of any of our candidates you will receive a substantial discount (compared to our contingency base pricing) on the remaining fee.   
  • Retainers: You the client, pay us a pre-determined negotiated fee (non-refundable) for all of your full time hiring needs on an annual basis.    This allows you to receive a substantial discount over the course of the 12 months.   We would provide weekly meetings/updates on all of our progress, present candidates exclusively to you and your organization and no one else within the market.  This option provides you a dedicated resource to have at your disposal, who will actively be recruiting on your effort, giving you access to candidates no other firm will be able to produce.  

Please call to discuss any of these options in more detail.

Whether you are a big corporation, or a small boutique firm, we will be able to find a structure which is comfortable for both parties.


“I have used KRS Recruiting for several years now and wouldn’t consider using any other recruitment agency; either now or in the future. They have consistently impressed with the caliber of candidate they have put forward and have remained incredibly responsive and professional on all occasions.  Karyn and Jim always listen to the needs of their client and continually strive to provide candidates who can seamlessly fit into our business needs. Their work ethic and selection process is exemplary.  The high quality of candidates they put forward and eventually place has beat all other agencies we have used in the past.  KRS Recruiting’s level of care and commitment is second to none and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to any prospective client.” Managing Partner Law Firm

“KRS Recruiting have been a valuable recruitment partner of our company.  They have a very good people-centric approach which goes beyond just matching skills and experience to a job description.   When I interview their candidates I know they will have been properly vetted to make sure they are fit with our skill-sets and our company culture.    When we need a key hire, KRS is always our first call.” VP of Human Resources

“Jim and Karyn can be trusted to deliver the best talent.   They recently placed a high level position for our firm, and I walked away very impressed with the level of service Jim and Karyn delivered.   From our initial conversations all the way through handling the candidate when getting a counter offer, they were in constant communication, letting us know how best to approach certain aspects of the on boarding process.   Our firm is smaller, and we don’t make lots of hires as some of our competitors, to have the guidance of KRS to be able to tell us what our competition is doing in a tight market was invaluable in being able to deliver the perfect hire for our growing firm.” Founding Partner