About KRS Recruiting Agency

KRS Recruiting Agency is a full service executive search company, who specializes in small niche markets.  By specializing in small niche markets, we can be considered experts within these markets by having knowledge very few come to know. Being an expert within a small niche market we can provide better service, and create better matches between candidates and clients. By being able to identify the best talent in the workplace, and creating relationships with them, it allows us to be extremely confident in our ability to match up the candidate’s wants with our client’s needs making a match for long term success.

KRS Recruiting Agency works within the Full-time long term career market.   We work within the top 20 percent of candidates and the top 20 percent of Clients matching the best candidates with the best clients in the market. Our business model, allows us to concentrate on specific searches for Clients to be able to build a long term successful partnership where our clients come to us first for all of their key hires. By concentrating on a small number of searches we are able to dedicate resources other firms may not be willing to.   This dedication allows us to be a step up above our competition in the quality, quantity, and effectiveness in matching the best candidates with our clients.

Currently KRS has 2 divisions. Our first division is recruiting within the Construction industry, more specifically within the multi-family sector of commercial construction. These efforts are being led by Jim Schultz.   The second division is recruiting within the legal industry, focusing within the state of Florida. By acting with integrity, we are able to create more concrete relationships that last well beyond our initial conversations.  Let us have a chance to amaze you with our level of service, dedication, and understanding.

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